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Our business is dedicated in providing our client with the most reasonable prices available in the market. We believe that the consumer should be able to get the best value for their hard earned money. We are confident enough about the pricing system of our business. If you happen to stumble upon an online shop that provide a cheaper price of the same product you purchase, we will gladly return the difference in the purchase price considering it is within the 6-month rule prior to your date of purchase. Furthermore, if you happen to notice that our official website indicates a lower purchasing price for the product that you have acquired, we will also willingly refund the disparity on the price. However, it should also fall down within the “6-month rule”. We highly encourage our clients to reach us and inform us when such discrepancy arises. With Nest Of Tables UK, we want you to feel safe and certain that you are getting the best value for your money.

When claiming reimbursement from the product that has a price disparity on our site, simply send us an email together with the link of the product found on our site. You may also add the date of the purchase, your name and the easiest way to contact you. We will immediately respond to your email and tell you if you are eligible for the repayment. Moreover, if you want to claim a compensation regarding the difference of price with the other online shop, email us with your name, date of purchase, contact number and the link of the product found on another online store. Our friendly customer service representatives are on standby.

To be qualified for the Price Match Guarantee, the consumer needs to keep in mind the following criteria.

• The product should be purchased from our site. Complete information should be provided to ensure that the product came from Nest Of Tables UK.
• Special promotions and sales from other sites are clearly not included.
• The product must be present in the stock of the competitor’s online shop.
• The competing store should only have an online store and not a trade shop.
• Prices on online auction site are not included (i.e.; eBay, e-buyer, etc...)
• The product of the competing store should also be licensed and have proper documentation of selling the said product.
• The Price Match Guarantee refers to the price of the product including the fee for shipping and handling. Keep in mind that it does not include any type of sales tax.

With Nest Of Tables UK, we will provide you with the superior quality, high-end, efficient and durable Nest Of Tables at a very affordable price. We have a huge selection of Nest Of Tables that will add elegance and beauty and put in a certain character to any living space.

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