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When Nest of Tables were first introduced in homes in the 18th century, they were thought of as both stylish and practical pieces for a multitude of purposes including, among others, enjoying impromptu board games. These nests of tables, often wooden and usually ornate, have developed over the years in style and design, yet still fulfil the useful purpose of a surface area that can be quickly utilised, and discreetly tucked away when not in use.

Nest of Tables offer style and can save space in many rooms in your property. This Nest of Tables buying guide is a helpful introduction to one of the most flexible items of furniture that exists.

Nest of Tables mix elegant style with useful design. A common set comprises of three tables, each sliding underneath the other in a single column. Some sets have two tables and others can have as many as four. The list of possible uses is only restricted by your imagination. No matter what your design plans are, there's a nesting table to match the style and other components of your room. Nest of Tables are very useful if your floor area or storage capacity is limited, or if you simply prefer less clutter. They're also a wonderful way to add table space to your room for dinner parties and dinners with the extended family.

Nest of Tables

Nest Of Tables Buying Tips

    • Avoid putting glass nest of tables where children are present
    • Select non-marring feet to use on hardwood floors
    • Circular and oval shape nest of tables use more space but enhance visual impact
    • Rattan or bamboo material is perfect for a sun-room
    • Clean, unadorned nest of tables are easily transferred from room to room

      Nest Of Tables Features


      Square or rectangular shapes usually create the smallest footprint in a room, since they can be situated flush against walls and many other flat-sided furniture. Round Nest of Tables or oval-shaped designs work very well in bigger spaces and can be daisy-chained like a series of small islands for a beautiful artistic effect. Perfectly square Nest of Tables look symmetrical and utilise your floor space during social occasions or when carrying out tasks.


      Even the tallest table in a set of Nest of Tables is rarely higher than a standard end table or night-stand. You should go for size if you plan to use the largest table for a practical, weight-bearing occasion. The smaller table in the set will still be strong enough to support weightier objects. You may prefer a compact, narrow set of nest of tables to use as stationary plant stands in the corners of your living room. The biggest table in an oval set will make a great temporary coffee table when you are entertaining.


      Your choices include everything from exotic woods and solid, rustic styles to contemporary or traditional, wicker, rattan and bamboo. Glass Nest of Tables can enhance the illusion of spaciousness and elegance in formal occasions. Lightweight materials utilising chrome and glass are perfect for decorative use; less so for daily use or in family spaces. Solid wood provides the best mix of strength and durability.


      You can find nesting tables to suit any home fashion from traditional to contemporary and glamorous. There are no set rules for styling them to your other furniture but think how and where they’ll be used when selecting the correct set. An ornate style that uses high quality hardwood, metal and glass may darken the appearance of a lighter room that’s exposed to sunlight. A see-through set of acrylic nest of tables perfectly complements a light and airy room.

      Nest of Tables

      Nest Of Tables Arranging Tips

        • Staggering your Nest of Tables can create a focal point for the eye and make the most of space in a sparsely furnished room
        • Use their open style design to allow access to wall outlets and enhance airflow
        • Organise your nest of tables nearby similar decor to achieve symmetry
        • Use Nest of Tables as spacers between your sofa, accent chair and sectional sofa
        • Tie together the design of your room by placing a table in each corner
        • Use multiple sets of nest of tables to create more options for room layout
        • “Hide” Nest of Tables by decorating them with big plants, picture frames or books

          Uses For A Nest Of Tables


          A set of Nest of Tables is the perfect solution for when guests visit, adding more surface area for the placement of bowls, cups, plates and other items. Allocate your tables around your living room so that guests have a convenient spot to place a drink and plate without resorting to using the floor or their lap. Nest of Tables also help to free up your end tables or coffee table for bigger food platters or beverage jugs and pitchers.

          Accent Furniture

          Stored together, nest of tables create a discrete accent table and display area for picture frames or a vase of flowers. Paired out as end tables in your living room, they can assist to tie together your decor and help the symmetry of your layout. Scale decorative objects such as picture frames and plants to the size of each table, or set a tall vase on the smallest table for a captivating visual effect. Take advantage of the mobility of Nest of Tables to play around with different design schemes.

          Nest of Tables

          Night Tables
          The majority of styles will make a perfect night table(s) in your bedroom, or night-stands in a guest room. They can be used as a surface for a laptop, books, night lights, mobile phone, placing a drink and more. Also you’ll still have them available for other purposes such as entertaining.

          A nest of tables is an effective way to give your room an update. Browse through the range here at Nest of Tables UK to find classic wood styles that’ll enhance your space, along with clean-lined designs that are ideal for creating a contemporary vibe. Opt for a colourful set to place around the living room, or look to our glass nests of tables to place around the whole house. These can be a wonderful option for children’s rooms, too – the smallest tables are the ideal height for little legs.

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